Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Horoscope for May

The Energies of May
With Mercury in a challenging retrograde all month April was not easy. We may have had some powerful lessons in releasing things which did not serve us, seeing others as they are and accepting others' in their own energy and light, all of which take us back to ourselves and what we want in our lives. Our path is individual and while we may have others walking beside us, we have to learn to put ourselves first. This may have been pointed out to you more than once in April and it will set the foundation for what happens in May. And since Mercury is in its shadow until May 11, you may have a few more opportunities to do that.

This month will be about putting plans in motion, setting aside any need to do for others, to be in their lives as a light or supportive presence in ways that do not take energy from our purpose. As we move farther into this year we will need all of our energy to support our life vision and fulfill our intention to have the joy, love and abundance that we want. What we have discovered so far this year is that giving our energy to others takes away from our purpose. Whatever we try to be for them takes away from our ability to be present in our own life.

The events of the year so far may have confused us even more about our life goals and what we really want. The thought of taking action may be too much to consider since while we may be ready for that, we have no idea of which direction to take. Taking action is a process that begins with being, not doing. Doing is the result, we have to 'be' by setting the intention and establishing the energy for the direction that can take. So use this month to get used to your freedom, find your power, establish your boundaries and set the foundation for what you want to do.

As we begin the month on an energized note, the momentum is there for us to use. First we must get used to being in our own energy, free of distractions and energy drains. If we are not powering others' dreams we will have the time and energy we need to fulfill our own. How can we be powerful in our own lives? What do our dreams look like? What is the first step, the second, and so on? If it is too overwhelming to try to see the big picture, what are the smaller steps that we can take each day to stay connected to our vision for our life, to fulfill our purpose and be present in our energy, every moment of every day. As I said in the 2011 predictions, June to August are powerful times and May is the time for preparation as April's endings paved the way for new beginnings. So prepare, get focused, be at peace, dream big and have a wonderful month.

I don't as a rule check out horoscopes. I cherry pick, actually, but I liked this from Jennifer Hoffman.  It sounds selfish, but as they say on the airplane:  Put your own oxygen mask on first before you put the one on your child ( read: dependents).  Yes, have a lusty month of May and note to self: Don't take your own "story" too seriously. 

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