Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bande annonce Biot et les Templiers 2014

Look what is coming to Biot, a nearby town famous for its glass blowing and ceramics.  It's the annual Templar festival,  said to be one of the best village festivals of France. 

 I am going to take the train and go with my friends Abbey and Claudia who have a place there where we can gather.  

I was once told by a psychic that I had something to do with the knights templars and have been fascinated ever since ( not that I took it to heart).  But it did make me curious to know more.   

Mostly this will be a festival with food, art,  play, dress up and all manner of pageantry.  Its going on for only a few days: April 4-6.  Hope I will run into you there and we can share a cup of grog and watch the jousting.