Tuesday, June 7, 2016


We had some fun visitors this week....from my side of the family.  

 With everyone's life going on so far away, it doesn't happen often..... so we were pleased to be on the list of stops for a trip through Europe for my niece Sarah, her husband Joel, and her first child Julia.   

Julia enchanted us all....

What is it about a really curious, captivating child to bring delight to the hearts of us old folks?  I now better understand all of my friends who are grandparents with their photo books on the ready.  Here's mine. 

Julia and her papa with Aunt Mo's pink glasses,  photo MaryMPayne

 There is something sacred to being a witness as life's mysteries unfold minute by minute for a newly minted human.  

Julia tries on Aunt Mo's shoes  photo by marympayne

Everything is new to a baby.  Everything is worth a try.  Most things are miraculous or awe inspiring but only for an instant until the baby can get its little hands on it ....think of bubbles, balloons, eyeglasses, river rocks, gelato, hats, cat, bellybuttons.

Julia drinks her milk at Hotel de Paris Monaco, with Mama Sarah

Julia plays peek-a-boo near the Palace in Monaco  photo by Marympayne

Julia enthuses over Monsieur's picture gallery  photo by marympayne

Watermelon pjs   photo by marympayne

Why did we throw the penny in the hole?  Julia and Joel at the wishing well at Villa Rothschild.  

And then there are the endless games of peek-a-boo, or the baby's reliving of an amusing moment.  I think babies are fond of jokes and laughter as well as getting their own way.  Meltdowns can be just as effective in controlling us poor adults.

Monsieur and I are still re-living many incidents and prized moments we spent with Julia and her parents..... all of us tethered to the intimate drama, tears and laughter of Julia "discovers", Julia "welcomes" or Julia "rejects", as this almost-two year-old greets the world.