Friday, December 9, 2011

From the archive -drawings III

                                                       Pastel on colored Canson paper

 Had enough of looking at that death mask of my last posting every time I opened Safari so I  am emboldened instead to show some more of my stash of drawings.  

                                                    Charcoal on white Canson

                                                        Pencil/Charcoal on Canson
All of these drawings are on Format Raisin or 50 x65 cm, Canson paper.  Canson comes from  the ancient paper mill that makes these internationally respected papers for fine art.

 Format Raisin (pronounced "forma raisenh ) falls into designation for French paper standardizing of which there is no American or English equivalent.
 I would love to know where the name comes from.   Another size is called "Eagle" or  "Aigle".  But back to drawing.

                                             Charcoal , brush and water, white pastel

  When drawing a model, I find it easier, and beginners are encouraged, to use the whole paper . Format Raisin is the paper size  recommended for the class called Academy ( Nude drawing).  

However, format RAisin ( reminds me of FRench wine)  would not always be my chosen size for presenting these nudes and intimate portraits for presentation as "pieces" .  Because of the style I have used, I have decided to experiment with a more discreet size, something that the viewer has to move up on.

                                                Using the edge of the charcoal stick

   So I am now attempting to reduce these to use on a 15x20 cm copper or zinc plate for intaglio printing.

  With the use of a digital camera and the computer it has not been a problem to reduce the images.    One just needs to keep in mind that everything will be the mirror image when drawing on the plate with a stylus through a waxy varnish.


  1. What an artist you are, Mary! I wish I could sit for you.

  2. Thanks, and yes, you would be an excellent model.xx, mary