Monday, July 23, 2012

The Highline and Anish Kapoor

I know it is after the fact but I never did finish showing you my pics of NYC.  Right around the area where all of the big art galleries are located, there is an overhead walkway that used to be a railroad line and has been made into a long garden promenade.  .    It is an original and inspired idea and is soon to feature a large complex built for programs of the Whitney museum.  The garden is maintained by a team of volunteers and houses a variety of plants and sculpture.  A bonus is that there are lots and lots of major galleries down below.. but what is more interesting is the graffiti and art put up by the neighbors.    Here are a few of my pictures of that day.  

School kids learning about the high line from the high line team.

Whitney museum complex under construction

Exhibition of Anish Kapoor.

It looks like he had a giant pastry tube. that could handle wet cement.

He has an exhibition now at the Mamac in Nice, but I don't' think it includes this work.

   "Explore Anish Kapoor's visual art here:!)

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