Friday, November 16, 2012

Dr. David Aouizerat/ Chirurgien, Dentiste

My French Dentist, Dr David Aouizerat

Well I can't say I like going to the dentist,  but it's gotten a whole lot better since I came to Nice.   It is a pleasure to walk in the door at 19 Rue Gubernatis  (Telephone: 04-93-37-07-37) to see Dr. David Aouizerat and his able assistant, Laura Farina.  

Laura Farina
  About six months ago I was advised to have gum surgery and I took the punt that Dr. David was my man.    I was a little leery because I had had this same surgery in Nice a few years earlier for the same fee, but the results had not been successful.  

With Dr. Aouizerat, I felt immediately that I was in good hands and agreed to go ahead.   He explained his new procedure using my own blood to nourish the tissue ( much thicker tissue taken from the roof of the mouth) before transplanting it.   He showed me what he would do and how he would do it.     And now I can say that this time the surgery was a success and the tissue will continue to grow to cover that "long in the tooth" problem that some of us are prone to.    

Always one for prevention, Dr David first gives a thorough lesson on care which includes, picks, oxygenated water , floss etc etc.  I have never had such a clean and sparkling mouth as I do now. 

I also love going to the "cabinet" because he has devotedly renovated an art nouveau apartment and with great taste.  It boasts a tulip frieze around the ceiling that you can stare out while you sit gaping in the chair and graceful stained glass windows from the former era.

But now the lab is twenty- first century to the nth degree.  Dr. David relies heavily on his Mac and the up to the minute technology.  He can show you every tooth on the screen in front of you, the before and after pictures on his i-phone, and he can see every conceivable angle of a tooth while he is working on it.     

Dr David in the office

And we can thank the gods for the new x-ray equipment that scans your mouth without the horrible cotton pads that used to make me gag.  And for a single tooth x-ray , there is the easily accommodated cardboard casing which you hold in place for a second.  Good dentistry is all a lot more comfortable than even a few years ago. 

X ray scanner

As an experienced surgeon , Dr. David is prepared for all dental needs and has a room built capable of being hermetically sealed for implanting teeth.  There is a special air filter and  flooring conceived to prevent any dust .  The room opens with an automatic gate so he need not touch it while entering with sterilized gloves and clothing.  The lighting and air filter are like those in a hospital, all to keep the room sterile.  

 And this extra room is where you can "patienter" to have your teeth whitened which is the fashion these days for all of us coffee and wine drinkers.  The French don't go in for "refrigerator" white like the Americans, but your "bouche" can look a lot better when the treatment is finished.  

Implantation room

The doctor at ease.

 Dr David 
I could give you stories of other patients who are impressed by his  competence with root canals or about his ability to sculpt inlays like a fine jeweler but I say you should go and see for yourself how talented a man he is.  

And it doesn't hurt that he has a sense of humor and looks vaguely like a young James Caan either.  

James Caan in his early days


  1. Hell-o Dr Dave! Maybe I'll come to Nice and get a toothache ;D

  2. I hope I get a toothache when I come to visit, Mary!

  3. He's divine and I love his office. I have a dentist I love in NYc but would fly there if I didn't, to have him be my dentist.