Sunday, December 9, 2012

The mysteries of Blogging

You may have noticed that within a "post" on this blog the typeface goes from large to small and the lines are separated by a variety of odd spaces.  Alas, I have little control over it. 

 I have spent precious minutes, maybe hours, trying to figure out why and how to prevent this happening...but to no avail.  As an artist it does make me a little "nuts".  But I have finally just accepted it as the artistic whim of the Google blogging fairy and am trying to ignore it. 

 As blogging goes along and technology takes-over-the-world, we find out also that Google can't just store these images for free.  Yes, in the future I could reduce the size of my pictures" pixel-wise" but then if I increased the photo to size "large", I would lose some of the quality. 

 We have to count ourselves lucky that Wikipedia and Google are offering a service and just pay up and enjoy it while we still have the wits to figure it out at all. 

 So alright, Google fairy, I'll let you put your wand in.... but if any of you have any suggestions about these mysteries, feel free to enlighten me.

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