Tuesday, February 12, 2013

St Paul de Vence : From the archive

  We have been having quite cold days and nights.  It is 5C now at noon, which I believe is about 41 degrees Fahrenheit .  This is cold for us in Nice.   I know its 8C in Seattle, 2C in London and Durham, 4C in New York City, and 7C in Eugene but this is chilly for the Cote d'Azur.

 However,  the thing is that the sun is shining almost every day here.  So it's my kinda weather.

With a bit of nip in the air, I am indoors looking through some summer pictures from my archive .

  My oldest brother, Roge is coming to see me at the end of March and so I am looking at what might be coming up at the Foundation Maeght , a possible local attraction to show him.    If there is something interesting at the Maeght that might be his only chance to get to St. Paul with me.   Those of us who live here often find that trips to tourist towns have lost their appeal ( unless there is a new twist or side trip that's new).  So take a good look, Roge.

Valley of Vence

Mediaeval town of ST Paul de Vence in distance

Traditional paving made of local river stones from the Var River

Cemetery for St Paul de Vence

By the way, It looks like the German artist, Gloria Friedman, who lives in France,  will be at the Gallery at the end of March.  Her offerings look interesting.  Here is a sampling.

Photo: Alanmachinwork.net

Photo: Didier Plowy CMN Paris

Gloria Friedman ,Photo: Waldsculpturenweg.com

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