Sunday, May 17, 2015

Family and Friends

A vacation is to do everything differently from what you normally do at home.  It was nice to just be with a family doing their ordinary things like grocery shopping,  checking out fun finds at the charity shops on the way,  walking in the rain,  visiting a friend and watching a family movie together ( Arietty..good film).    

  One night we enjoyed an English fry-up ( scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, sautéed tomatoes and mushrooms and toast).    It was fun  too ...reading bedtime stories, swapping jokes and playing games with a resident nine year old.   

 One day we sat on an airy terrace with a heat lamp enjoying a glass of wine and the next day we were cozy inside with a fire in the fireplace ( my request...we don't have working fireplaces in Nice, its forbidden).   The weather was variable ...  not time yet in Durham to get out the summer clothes. 

Here are a few pictures of another English garden with yet another English rose with pink cheeks.   On the day we saw the bluebells,  Leslie's friend was kind to give us lunch and all the tea and cake we could consume that afternoon.   The girls played on the slide and swing, the hens clucked and it was the perfect English afternoon. 

   Then it was home to feed Samson and Delilah, eat our dinner, and lights out. 

Leslie and Z on the way to lunch at a friend's house

Looking from the hen house .

Another English Rose

Delilah and her brother Samson wanted cuddling and food, in that order

Sunset from my bedroom window

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