Monday, July 27, 2015

Hottest July ever on the Cote d'azur

It is now 34 degrees ( 93F) and there is a hot wind blowing outside. 
 Luckily the humidity is down today to only 34 percent.  Even at 5h30 in the morning , when Monsieur and I get up to take our exercise, the stickiness is already in the air. 

The local"rag" , The Nice Matin, has reported that the average temperatures for this July on the Cote d'azur is the hottest on record. This has to do somewhat with the fact that the night time temperatures are also high.   The place is not cooling down!

The French are not fond of Air Conditioning in the home ( its expensive, not necessary and can even make you sick) ...but now I think the stores are selling more units than ever.  I know some Americans who are buying them. 

 However, Monsieur and I have stayed French in this matter and have only 3 small fans in our house.  We sit in front of one each and there is one for the bedroom. 

Mostly the locals will say that if you go in the sea in the morning, the cool of the water will stay with you all day.  I think this is true.  However, a few days ago,  in St. Jean Cap Ferrat,  the water was too warm to be refreshing at 2pm ( It did cool off a bit later).

Along with vacation come glitches in the various systems while workers are away and things break down.  My internet has been working only sporadically for the last few days and the water bill hasn't come through even though we paid it weeks ago.  

But hey, its holiday.  Things will work themselves out eventually. 

 And now, I am starting to sound French.

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