Thursday, March 23, 2017

Colombo to Galle, March 4

Early morning view of Galle from Lady Hill Hotel, Sri Lanka

A few things are memorable about our arrival at Colombo Airport  aside from the great service and lovely servers on Sri Lankan airlines. 
First of all it's the first airport I have been to where household electronic appliances are on sale along with cosmetics and perfumes.  After emerging into a dauntingly damp heat,  it did seem to make sense to haul out a refrigerator or a fan with your spinner bag instead of a Chanel lipstick.   I still don't quite get how a refrigerator would fit into the taxi though. 

Secondly,  Dave and I couldn't find the sign for passport control or immigration entry so joined others in the queues forming behind a counter festooned with Travel posters.   The officers behind the desk were not giving us the "serious, no nonsense, scowling look" of state officials so we thought that we were about ready to be offered a time share in a condo.

When we reached the desk, the young man in uniform said, "Welcome to Sri Lanka" and smiling warmly at Dave and then at me , "Happy Birthday to you both.  I hope you enjoy your time here" and he began to chat amiably. ( It was indeed Dave's birthday and mine was just after.)  It was the first time I have had such a personal experience at passport control.  Welcome to Sri Lanka, indeed. 

After a few hours drive along the newest highway in Sri Lanka we reached our destination at Lady Hill in Galle, a hotel elevated above the modern town and old fort with 360 degree views of the auspicious start. 

View from dining room of Lady Hill to Galle harbor

 After our first Sri Lankan curry and meeting with our fellow adventurers we slept well in our modern, air conditioned rooms.
  The next day we were up early ready to explore the "living" fort of Galle, a world heritage site... with its historic Dutch and British history.   Our guide to show us the fort was Mr. Situge,  retired from the archeological museum. 

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