Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Overactive minds and minor miracles...

This Week.

What was weird:

My next door neighbor and I both decided to buy an electronic device online and so for the first time  in many years since living here, two days later , we saw the UPS truck come up the narrow dead- end street with two identical packages.  I signed for them, brought hers over to her and we opened them up, only to find that hers was addressed to my holiday client in the studio at the same address!! 

How could this be?  

 Even if UPS uses google maps, how did they know my tenant was there temporarily unless she had ordered the same device at the same moment?   What are the odds of three people ordering the same device on the same day from the same company to be shipped to the same address?  And what are the odds of someone on holiday ordering an electronic device and then not telling the landlady to expect a package?  ( If I hadn't been there she has no key to the mailbox!)

We asked my holiday tenant and she had INDEED ordered the same device at the exact time that we had.  She like me, had contemplated the purchase for several years and finally decided to buy it.  My friend  had ordered hers a few hours later for her own reasons, but still on the same day.  Hers was to come later.

THe second weird thing is that I saw a UPS truck go up the street for the second day in a row, after never having seen one on our street in many, many years. OF COURSE, I thought it was the third package but NO, the driver said, it was for another neighbor!

  IN fact, the third package arrived on the third day.

 Now some of you see these kinds of co-incidences every day and think nothing about it.  I am the person who contemplates all of this at length. 

 Have you heard  the urban legend of the hundredth monkey or the idea of the tipping point?  JUST AS I was beginning to contemplate all this , a program was aired on New Dimensions radio with Rupert Sheldrake who puts forth a very convincing argument for morphic fields of knowledge.    I just happened to be listening to it.

Ok , ok so no one thought it was weird and I got over it.  The next day, I wrote in my blog about the Coal Tit tapping on the nesting box like a wood-pecker, right?   I definitely had that thought as I was writing the post.

  THe DAY AFTER THAT POST, I heard a weird noise in the garden and guess who I found drilling away on the "deadish"plum tree? Yes, A WOODPECKER, like the fellow above, called a European Green woodpecker.

 I had NEVER seen one before in my garden or for that matter anywhere!   He is a beauty and he has pecked some very impressive holes in our tree now. 

 BUT.... Why did he come the day after I thought about a woodpecker?  Why have I never seen him before or any evidence of him in the garden? 

And I haven't thought about a woodpecker for years...not for years!  

Why ? Why?  

Maybe, I have an over-active mind or maybe there is something weird going on.  


  1. Great story!

    Rupert Sheldrake is so cool. He came into the store I was co-owner of in the East Village, NYC, in the 1990s. He left his beautiful calling card with my partner. I have read things by him. He and Terrance McKenna, wow, the coolest guys!
    Vicki Karen xox

  2. I was just looking back through my posts and have now researched both of these guys. some very interesting stuff not to be taken lightly. I think that Sheldrake is on to something with his morphogenisis theory. I would have loved to meet Terrance McKenna too. What conversations one could have.