Thursday, May 5, 2011

JUST a Thursday

I am streaming Astral Radio: lots of bird calls and water sounds.  I'm  drinking a huge glass of good dry white wine and eating vinegar flavored potato chips with baby carrots for dinner.  I am cutting my new BKRives paper to use for engraving with a whiz- bang- sharp- ass knife but don't worry I am very careful.

 They say as you get older you should change your routine.  (I think they mean for example, brush your teeth with your left hand.) Well  ok, so this is not my routine on a Thursday night.  But I am alone for the weekend and it feels poetic and deliberate and fine.

 The only thing that is really not so routine are the potato chips which is not my food choice.  In fact I don't really consider them a food, just a taste explosion.   I buy them surreptitiously maybe every six months or so like grabbing a cigarette when you hate smoking.

  But hey,  they are really making my mouth pucker and that's new, totally new.  Vinegar!

 I wanted to crochet all the branches of my cherry tree with my friend Svea,  crochet master extraordinaire,  for my new thing.... but I guess you have to start small.


  1. "pucker up baby!"


  2. "You are such a good writer, very creative!"

  3. It's the bird song. This radio station is amazing! And vinegar is ....well puckery.