Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Herbal Remedies Banned Across Europe

photo via Acupuncture Therapy Institute

Just when I was praising Europe for not over- regulating every little step a human might take,  along comes this new European Union law.

 Europe has been a place with fewer restrictions to personal freedoms than America....few  railings up around cliffs, for example.  If you are too ignorant or wayward to know to stay away from the edge of a cliff....well, down you go.  Darwin Award!

While  I am not a huge consumer of natural herbs (or any drugs for that matter),  I feel that this should be our choice.  What is happening to the "old world" approach to medicine?  This is a disturbing development.

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  1. Hi Mary,

    I was reading about the herb ban in Europe. Over here, supplements and alternative medicines have been threatened over and over again, but still safe. I think it is big enough biz here that it remains untouched. I was in the alternative medicine business for years. The store I was part owner of for 12 years was an herbal apothecary that sold many other things too, including being the first store in NY to sell essential oils.

    Anyway, over here we always felt things were better in Europe re: alternative medicine. I've heard that insurance covers alter. med. in FRance for example and probably other countries.

    So what happened? Was this something sudden or brewing for a while? I am shocked by this news. I am a big supplement user and other things, so it really struck me.