Friday, June 10, 2011

What I learned today....

 Today was favored by a trip to the outdoor and covered markets of Place Charles de Gaulle in Nice.

  I learned that you need to get there by 9:15 am if you are to get a parking place. 

I learned that some of the most attractive people around work with the land and with authentic food.

I learned that this charming cheese vendor carries artisanal flan in caramel and chocolate flavors.

I learned that this smiling Madame will give you extra chicken livers as a gift if you order from her stand.
Of course she will trim and prepare your foul for roasting including torching all remaining feathers away.

 She and her husband feature three kinds of free range chickens and pintades (guinea fowls).

I learned that there are five fresh fish stands ( more than anywhere else in the town), at this market.

At the fifth stand you may buy buy live shellfish including baby crabs, crayfish and lobsters.

But the best thing that I learned today was that this "beau garçon" promised to pose nude if I came back in the afternoon!

 PS. We bought a beautiful sea bass that we will eat for lunch along with a salad of locally grown mesclun, roquette, and "sicilian" tomatoes and perhaps some multi grain cooked cereal with that.  To finish there will be fresh raspberries from St. Isadore nearby to Nice.

 And over the years here, I have learned that eating fresh and local is one of the best ways to enjoy the Cote d'Azur and all its treasures.


  1. what a life, wonderful!! xoxo linda

  2. We're trying to be, as much as feasible) locavores.


  3. I still remember the wonderful smells of market day as a kid...I still buy fresh and organic!


  4. "Lovely, Mary!"


  5. Just had a look at your blog, and you must learn the most important thing about this market: old Niçois (and the tram, I am pleased to hear) call that place Libération, NOT Charles de Gaulle.

    Love and smile, Marianne

  6. Thanks Marianne, and maybe you can show me how to access my accent marks on the American keyboard. I am getting lazy. /mary

  7. I love this blog, simple and sweet like you!"

    Andrea S.

  8. I must visit this place someday.