Friday, November 4, 2011

Creative Vortex

Aaaaay.  I have just spent the better part of the day taking a look at the new templates offered for   Some of them are kinda cool and I made the mistake of trying one.

With the Mac, if you don't like something you have created, on say a photo, you just hit "return to original" .  THis doesn't seem to exist with my blog site.  After I tried a new template,  "they" warned me that if I wanted to revert back that I should have saved the old template.   Well, yeah. thanks.  

In addition, with the new templates,  Blogspot is no longer offering the fonts that I  had previously used .  I loved that font I had for the title before.  It wasn't too pretentious, too artsy or too formal. 

Of course, I could have  crunched even more time in today's creative black hole if I had wanted to go on-line to the chat rooms to see how to revert to my former template.  

But sometimes it's just better to start over.  Better for one's nervous system, that is.

This sign that I photographed in Biarritz a while ago translates roughly as " Forbidden to play the idiot", scratched out by someone from " Forbidden to play on the balcony".  

I think sometimes that I should be forbidden to play on the balcony as I don't have much interest in learning all the rules.  But for now , no one is kicking me out of the game.  I'm still in.

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