Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kim Boulukos Sculptures

Today Kim Boulukos took me and another friend to see the last weekend of her 5 month long exhibition at the Menton Musee de Beaux- Arts.

Like many dedicated artists, Kim who is an American living in France, finds that her work takes her to several other European countries.

 The iron horses are cast and the lithographs are printed in Hungary where there is a thriving artist community.  She uses the lost wax technique for the bronze sculptures.

Ms. Bouluko's work is characterized by her subject: large creatures...usually hounds or horses.  But as she says she is pleased that viewers bring their own interpretations to the pieces.   The show encompasses ceramics, welded sculpture, lithograph and drawings .

Having a scientific background and starting as a ceramicist , Kim loves coming up with new and interesting patinas for her cast sculptures. 

the artist

The artist with dog with bone..

          One room of the museum is  full of "bird dogs", some of my favorites of Kim's offerings.   The realistic looking "wooden" slabs found in the nests are all hand crafted ceramic pieces.   And there are real feathers and eggs in some of the nests. ...very playful .

                    This nest reminds me of the one our collared doves are making in the bay tree just now.

I love this elegant torso.

My all time favorite though, was this intimate little doe.  The artist says it was inspired by her dog but she was happy to let me have my vision of a deer.

Gotta be a horse....but maybe a giraffe!  I want him in my garden.

                                       Hound dogs dreaming about that bone.

I am only giving you some highlights from the show.  If you rush over you can still see it in its entirety before it goes down on Tuesday.    In a short space of time from a full time job as a scientist, Kim has already penetrated the international art scene. ...and I expect this creator will continue to soar.


  1. Brilliant work, Too bad we didn't know of it, else we would have gone to Menton. She has a studio in Nice? Clue me in..


  2. Bruce, I just met Kim at Thanksgiving. Yes, she is working in Nice and Hungary. I will find out more about how you can see her work in the future.

  3. Fabulous, Thank you for sharing.


  4. "Wonderful. Thanks so much for those pictures!"