Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coco Deville : Boutique

I just got back from stopping in to see the new ladies on the block at Coco Deville. 

 I came across Coco Deville, a few weeks back on a short cut to the cinema.  This imaginative lamp installation caught my eye and I peeked inside. 

 I ended up in a long chat with Emma (in English) and Agnes (in French) Calderat in their new shop at 11 Alphonse Karr.  Tel. O4 93 53 99 38.     It was then that I promised the mother daughter team that I would put the word out about their new "Glam-rock-bling- bling" oasis.

 Agnes below is from Paris and Emma, her daughter (who I met last time),  has spent recent years living in Florida.  The results of their efforts is  Coco Deville specializing in ultra "tendence" very vamp, glamorous shoes and accessories for women.  

There is jewelry, there are wallet purses like Agnes is holding, with straps hidden inside, quite reasonable at 69 euros.   There are bags and belts

 and a line of beautifully packaged candles by Voluspa ( below).   

For those daring, young and into L.A. chic, there are some pretty outrageous shoes too.   The designers include Pura Lopez, Bourne, Just Anna,  and an exclusivity of shoes by Jean Michel Cazabat of New York City, a frenchman whose styles are worn by the likes of Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Penelope Cruz and of course,  Sarah Jessica Parker.  

 I tried a few pairs on today of these modern heels and I was at least 10 centimeters taller with the "plateau" styles, maybe more....and that, my friend, is part of the appeal.  

 Today, new since last time, there was a shipment of charming ballerina flats ( by Pretty Ballerinas) with fun motifs  and some new sandals....with more to come. 

It was a pleasure to have a chit-chat with Agnes today on the mega rhinestone and leather bench, try on some shoes with my girlfriend and admire and encourage their success.  You can stop by just to say "hi", no pressure.  It's that kind of place. 

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