Sunday, June 10, 2012

New York City, June 2

I am just back from a visit with two of my family members.  My niece is studying and doing research in  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical in Manhattan and my brother, Dave (her father), and I wanted to see just where she works and spend some time all together and with her  boyfriend, Will who attends a graduate program at Cornell .

  It turned out to be an inspired idea.  We had a wonderful time exploring Manhattan and seeing how Susan and Will spend their days as Phd. candidates.

Since everyone was free for Saturday, we rented bikes and made it a day along the  Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Bike Path .

 I should say that my brother and I rented bikes, as Will is an avid athlete and expert with bikes.  He owns 3 and has built a nifty one for Susan.  In fact he took possession of his  long- haul- traveling bike while we were there and stayed up till four in the morning to assemble it (Ah youth).  He and his mom have a bike trip through Switzerland planned.

 It turns out that biking is an excellent way to see the tip of Manhattan along the waterfront. ( $30. the day bike rental) .  After a lunch at a "compose- your- own- salad-" place along the way we head over to Governor's Island by ferry ( free tickets, five minute ride)  and then back to turn in the bikes .  Then home again to the upper East side where we were all encamped in Susan's apartment near the college.

  Yes, I can "rough it" with a blow- up mattress.  I am not as spoiled as you thought.   And like living in a big tent,  there are more stories that get told when you are all camped out in one room.  And you realize by now that I am a big believer in the power of stories.

Here is the freedom tower seen from the bike path.  This is going up where the twin tower's went down.  It is a controversial design.  Many New Yorkers want the old towers back as a symbol of our invincibility.    I am not fussed one way or the other...but I am not a New Yorker,  just an appreciator of the place.

My brother Dave and my niece, Susan 

One of the Communal gardens along the Waterfront Greenway bike path

View of city from Governor's Island

Governor's Island is a haven for casual bikers as the ferry takes only bikes and pedestrians and there are no cars on the island.  The small island buildings reminded me of old Williamsburg , roughly  the same style of architecture.  And all the red bricks are so East coast.

 From governor's island one has a fine view of the Statue of Liberty.  I am moving up on it on my bike here.  That is Susan and Will ahead and Dave just in front of me.

Here is looking in the other direction.  The sky was incredible on the sunny days last week.

Here she is , the gift from France that keeps on giving.

 I can never resist found art.   I am a texture "freak".  This was just some rusty siding on the side of a lamp post.

 The grounds on Governor's Island were well kept,  the old barracks empty , such a shame.  I know many young families, retirees and artists who would be happy to live in them. ...especially the officer's quarters.   I wonder what the status is of this lost housing .

                                                                        the kids

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