Monday, January 28, 2013

Le chat qui a froid aux oreilles

Roger sent me this video last year and I found it again in my archive yesterday.  It's worth another look if you love cats.

Roge's comment:  "But I get chicken for lunch right?   ok, deal. "

Cats are so amazing in their ability to hold their role in the family.  Our cat, Mozzi now gets up on Monsieur's lap for 10 minutes at a time, even though Mozzi is not really a lap cat, more of a scrapper.  He will come and sit next to me, but he seems to know who buys him the really delicious cat food, and that would be Monsieur, le gourmand.

But Mozzi, the cat who came to stay, is a really wonderful beast.  He never puts a foot wrong in the house and is so discreet that we don't know where his official litter box is outdoors.  He just seems to intuit the rules around here and can manage on his own outside, in rain or snow.   We so enjoy his company.

We cover the white couch and the foot of the bed with a cover we call the "kitty towel" so as his dust bath will not come off on the furniture.

 As soon as I put down this tablecloth, his response was,  "oooh great , another kitty towel and up high too.  I am sure this is allowed..... Good night."  


  1. love that Mozzi! the cat video left me speechless. So adorable! So unusual. they can be so resistant to wearing things. that cat must love his hat and/or maybe loves the reaction from wearing it! Karen xox

  2. love it, love it , love it!


  3. I feel good!Laurence