Friday, January 25, 2013

Talpa Europaea

It's a strong stimulant to see my blogger graph chart at zero, meaning no one has logged on recently.  Let me try to fix that.

That's me emerging for a spot of sun, today.

 My excuse is that I have been transitioning into a mole or "taupe" as they call them here: a Talpa Europaea.  They bury themselves underground and have moments of frenetic activity and moments of hibernation.  

  I managed to come out of my burrow and take a few pics of our snow day a week ago.  The fine mist of flakes wasn't all melted by the next day so that was probably some sort of a record in Nice. 

What else?  A few moments of mole-like activity included searching online for my stovetop and ceiling fan to finish my dormant kitchen project.  I finally found the perfect "hotte" and called the electrician to install it. And adorable "Monsieur, le professeur" got ambitious and practically installed the whole thing himself before the fellow got here.  So easy to motivate a husband when the workman is on his way.  But really it was a two man project just to get the screws in. 

Other online searches which qualify as frenetic activity have taken me into the deep realms of spinners (often sheep farmers), yarn dyers, yarn suppliers and knitting blogs.  And what a world that is, full of like-afflicted people who can't pass up beautiful craftsmanship, hands-on projects and  scrumptious colors. 

  I now see why ( the online knitting and crocheting community) has a whole category called "stashes" where folks just buy up yarn with no particular project in mind and post pictures of it as if to brag about their addiction.   Whoa, I already have some beautiful cotton yarn in my stash that I got in Oregon last visit.  This could happen to anybody.

How's my mattress stitch , Annie?

That's my new needle holder that I bought on Etsy

As to knitting, (which is a skill mostly acquired with You tube videos), I am two thirds finished with a "boxy pullover" by Norah Gaughan, my second sweater project.  You will be surprised that I have chosen a subdued color.  Alas, with youth sharply on the decline, I fear my favorite colors are wearing on me "like mutton dressed as lamb" not to put "too fine a spin on it".  

This muted maroon 100 % wool merino by Anny Blatt, is practically a neutral which I can wear with  silk scarves that I have from a former, big city life in S.F.  I know these are a bit "old lady" now but it's all in the way you wear them.  Too pretty a knot is "passé".   But I digress. 

I am having another mole day so I'll go eat my earthworms now.   Have a happy mole day yourself.   

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