Monday, December 23, 2013

Bonne Fete

Snow is thrilling to me, especially since I don't live with it on a daily basis nor see the havoc it can create. 

 But I am also "frileuse"( frileux masc. ), a French word that I love because we don't have the equivalent in English.  It means sensitive to cold.   I have never lived where it is cold so maybe that is why I chill easily and don't often visit the snow. 

 Still I would love a white Christmas.   Snow seems to symbolize enchantment and miracle when I see it fall.  It transforms all that it touches like a wizard's wand.  It speaks to me of wonder.

 It's holiday time, Christmas for some, Hanukkah for others, and for others still…. just a welcome change of pace.  

Enjoy your time away from routine,  whether alone or in fellowship.  

 Light a candle, listen to music and think of snow. 

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  1. Whenever I have a bad day and am in need of a pick-me-up, I go to your blog. It is beautifully written and the photos are works of art.

    Joanne, Mercer Island, Wa.