Sunday, December 29, 2013

Enthusiasm : New Year's wish

Well, if we want to take the metaphor of rebirth to describe our hopes for the New Year then I am excited that I am being christened once again into the world of creation…. specifically engraving and drawing.

I woke up again to the fun of art because Monsieur has given me a whole set of professional wood and linoleum carving tools for Christmas. 

  It may be just a phase until the nice weather appears …. but I won't question this new enthusiasm since there has been a long dry spell where my heart just wasn't in it. 

 I thought that I had entirely lost my mojo. … all of the tricks, in fact, of my gris gris bag that I tried to get that enthusiasm back. 

So if I don't post for a time on the blog , I am probably working on my "lino" project.  I have been experimenting this week with different materials and techniques and carving with my new "gouges".   I'll put the results on my art blog.

and ….

  Happy New Year to all of my faithful readers.   Thank you for your participation this year .  And, please, go out and find your gris gris bag this year and cast a spell for enthusiasm…. your own.  

That is what I want for each of you, to find that thing that engages you and makes you want to leave the house a mess, so you can go do it. 

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