Friday, March 6, 2015

Cat's Cafe of Nice

The way human owner Ann Monnier tells it, she is just one of the proprietor's of the Nice Cat's Cafe :   at 1 rue Vernier.   

Ann Monnier, one of the owner's, the others are felines

Ann shares ownership with a welcome committee of four cats in permanent residence:  Aldo, Bengale, Blanco and Gribouille.

Other feline visitors are welcomed from the local shelter: Society of the Defense of Animals (SDA) in Nice and are available for adoption. You can see on the web-site, the cats who have already found homes. 

 The first cat cafe started in Japan in 1998 and now the idea has taken off worldwide.  Our cat cafe is one of the first in the south of France and the only one in Nice.    It's an inspired idea and marries Ann's love of sharing with others and her passion for animals.  

Blanco was asleep most of the time we were there.
Bengale was friends of everyone, however. 

Bengale is active and curious. 

Someone was asleep in the basket, but I don't think its Aldo. Who was it?

 The website says that local artists may show their work in the cafe.  Ann claims that the artists of the community have been very helpful in giving their time, art and even furniture to make the place cozy.

Local art and a book borrowing shelf. 

 The Cat's Cafe is a very informal, relaxed place and crowded when we came in around 3pm for a coffee.  I think if you were going to eat the bio meal on offer you might be wise to make a reservation:     09 83 510 729.   

This is Caroline with Blanco
 Besides meeting cats, you can find some friendly folks to talk to like Caroline here.

 Cat lovers are the best. 

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