Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mozzi has a girlfriend

Mozzi has a girlfriend.  Being a castrated male,  I have no idea if he knows what to do with her. 

 But he seems to like using my pink sweater for a female , biting it and "overtaking" it's lushness in a stupor of domination.     So maybe he still knows what to do. 

Mozzi and his favorite sweater.  

This new grey and black tiger striped female has been hanging around the house for days, coming quickly in and out when the door is open.... but mostly mewling piteously around the property. 

 Its driving me nuts.

On Monday Mozzi ( pronounced Mot-zi) jumped in at the window and the girl cat followed.  But when she saw me, it was quickly out again.  I saw him follow her out to have a quiet word,  and then he came in again and slept on the bed all night without the slightest concern.  

Since then she has been looking in the window at us even though it is well closed.   Mozzi stays in and sleeps. 

Maybe she isn't really "The one".  Obviously she really wants kids and Mozzi is not going for it.   

I really can't blame him.  That's a serious commitment. 

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