Saturday, November 13, 2010

Giacometti Studio: Part 3

Sometimes when I'm watching a film or documentary at home, I take digital photos of some of the frames. I may see a texture or a composition that I like.

We found a dvd about the artist, Alberto Giacometti done by the Gallery Maeght and I made a photo study of Giacometti's studio.  He had basically made his own Lascaux cave, complete with drawings and scratches on his studio walls.   In his last years he moved to an isolated Italian village where he lived a simple life with his mother.

wall markings

                These photos are often out of focus but they can be evocative, especially as I save only a cropped piece of the original image.

studio wall drawing( detail)

wall drawing(detail)

detail of portrait

One of his early works ( detail)

The artist's mother

                                                                       Early still life

                    This one you can see the lighting in the room and the tv. I didn't crop it out.

            A photo of the artist just before he died at the age of 65.  He had begun to look like one of his statues, especially around the eyes?

They say you paint and sculpt yourself unconsciously.  Seems so.

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