Monday, November 22, 2010

Noyau Series: the idea

THis is the first series on the theme of  "woman".

  As well as " the origin of the world", I wanted to make reference to the heart or essence of something without which that object or person would not be what it is.

 Noyau in french means kernel as in a kernel or seed.

 The sexual kernel of a female in our species is still seen as a sacred, hidden part even in these modern times of baring all.   This most provocative part shapes conventions and ways of life of each person in our society.  It is a important, sacred element for life as we know it.  "Sacred" to some, that is.

 The equivalent part of a plant is essential to its procreation and continuation.  A seed, therefore, is the symbol of all possibility.

I use warm colors in all the series on "women"  to evoke flesh and the warmth of humanity.   By distorting the image I hope to provoke deeper contemplation of what we are seeing.  There is a fine layer of gold paint to evoke the idea of  "preciousness" or "treasure".

  I have done this series on stretched paper, using inks, pastels both dry and oil, texturing material, and pencil.    These small paintings are the size of postcards, 10x15 cm.

Full Disclosure:  I think that an artist has many subjects that he or she can talk about.  Most of us even like the confines of being told a theme to work on because it makes it that much easier to get started.  We like doing it.

 Most artists, I  do not believe, take the choice too seriously until they are asked to write the forward to their book.  Then suddenly, everything is deadly serious and pretentious.  This is the art game in the real world.

 I started this series at the local art school for adults.  The villa Thiole or Ecole Municipal d'Art Plastique is quite well respected and as you might imagine, has a few teachers who are frustrated that they have no time to do their own art.  These teachers try to get you to do what is in THEIR own minds.

I had one of these types of profs and so I embarked on this series to individualize my work and keep her from interfering.  It didn't work that way however,   She embraced the work and became more territorial than ever.    Ha.   At any rate, I continued the series of women for a few years and will show you other examples in future posts.  That teacher proved to be a pain in the butt and taught me a lot.

This work has been exhibited at The Villa Thiole in Nice, 2007 and  at the "Maison des Artistes" in Cagnes sure Mer, 2008.

Let me know what you think....

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