Thursday, November 11, 2010

Writing down the lines....

I have been "fasching" around trying to figure out how to design a blog .  

And I have from the start been looking for a name for my blog that is not already the name of a candy store, real estate company, boutique, or simply already snapped up by another wordsmith out there in cyberspace.  

  So you will have to bear with me as I navigate.  I am an autodidact type of personality.  I am used to having to figure things out by myself... but will love any guidance you can offer.

As for the new design template, I am fond of changing my look so I will do that sometimes.  

   To insert a photo in the background would require knowing what I am writing about and what I would therefore like to illustrate.  

I figure I would start and see what it is I actually say.    How do you illustrate a life?  

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