Thursday, April 7, 2011

Moscow Train from Nice?

New Moscow – Nice train departs on maiden journey
SEPTEMBER 24, 2010
A ceremony was held at Moscow’s Belorussky Station today to mark the launch of Moscow – Nice train №17/18. The train was seen off on its maiden journey by Federal Passenger Company General Director Mikhail Akulov, SNCF Europe and Asia Department Director Frédéric Pardé, and other officials.
“We place huge significance on developing international services, and are continually expanding our route network. This new train, which will link Moscow and Nice, is a result of successful work with our European colleagues. The train is departing on its first journey at 90% of capacity, which is a clear success. The train will pass through the territories of five countries, with a journey time of around 50 hours. By the end of 2011, we aim to cut the journey time to 36 hours”, Mikhail Akulov said.
Moscow – Nice train № 17/18 departed today at 16:17 from the Belorussky Station in Moscow, on the following route: Moscow – Vyazma – Smolensk – Orsha – Minsk – Brest – Terespol – Warsaw – Katowice – Zebrzydowice – Bohumin – Břeclav – Vienna – Linz – Innsbruck – Bolzano – Verona – Milan – Genoa – San Remo – Bordighera – Ventimiglia – Menton – Nice.
The train will arrive in Nice on Saturday 25 September at 19:12 (local time). It will depart on the first Nice – Moscow journey on 26 September.
he train has three deluxe carriages, six first-class carriages, and one second-class carriage. Between Moscow and Brest, the train has two restaurant carriages of the Federal Passenger Company’s Moscow subsidiary, and on the Warsaw – Nice – Warsaw part of the journey, the train has two restaurant carriages of the PKP Intercity company (Poland).
The restaurant carriages offer Russian and European cuisine, with menus provided in Russian and English. Restaurant staff speak Russian, Polish, and English.
Tickets are sold at standardized rates between any two stations and countries on the route.
Ticket prices for the whole Moscow – Nice journey range from 306 euros for second-class, up to 1200 euros for a deluxe-class compartment occupied by a single passenger. A flexible pricing system is in place for children up to 12, young people up to 26, and passengers over 60, as well as for groups of six or more passengers and travelling couples.
The ticket cost includes hand luggage of up to 35 kg for each adult ticket, and 15 kg per ticket for children under 12. Passengers of all ticket classes may bring small dogs and birds if they purchase all tickets in their compartment.
Carriage attendants serving on the Moscow – Nice train were selected on a competitive basis. They underwent a special program with training in French and English language proficiency, psychology, ethics, and passenger service culture.

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