Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "Loup": Mediterranean Sea Bass

Mediterranean Sea Bass

Ok, so it is not that I haven't been eating and eating well, as my husband is a foodie,  it is just that I haven't been reporting it lately.   

We had some lamb at Easter that left both of strangely disappointed.  I have to say strangely, because we are not professed vegetarians.  And it is not that it wasn't a great piece of meat from a great butcher.  It was disappointing perhaps because we have gotten away from eating meat... unconsciously.... by choosing to focus on all the amazing plant food around here.  There are Sicilian tomatoes that have taken our attention lately,  Tunisian oranges, and fresh asparagus from green to fat white ones which are a specialty item in the outdoor markets at the moment.  There are all kinds of interesting pulses, beans and lentils that are easy to prepare and easy to store when you don't feel like walking to the market.   

Yes, I have to say that the last two times that we ate meat, we were under-whelmed!

 But we never get tired of a great fish caught in the Mediterranean Sea, the big pond that is only a few yards away from our street.  
Today Monsieur and our friend who is visiting from London, made the pilgrimage on foot to the Cours Saleya to one of the fish stands to bring home a "Loup" or Mediterranean Sea Bass.  

I poached it in some court bouillon in a special  two burner pan that I have for the purpose, and flung it on the table.  I might have made a delicate mousseline to go with it but, truth be told, I have never taken to sauces as a way of cooking.  Yes, I appreciate them when done correctly, but somehow the fussing that it requires is not my metier.  I leave that to people who really love to cook instead of love to " prepare".  And I will say that the flesh of the Loup is so succulent and flavorful that it is not necessary to serve it with a sauce of any kind.  Anything other than a very delicate sauce would be a sacrilege.  

We ate outside on a sunny day which has just turned into a sprinkle of spring rain. The wine that Robert bought was a fabulous Louis Jadot 2002 Savigny Les Beaune for about 20 euros and K. regaled us with amazing stories of his days in the wine trade.  I wish I could write a blog just about that but I would be out of my element, truly.  He lived it, and suffice it to say, I have reaped the benefits of his knowledge.

  It just may be that one day this dish of fish will be too rare and too costly for most of our pocketbooks.  My advice is to savor it and enjoy it while you can still buy it,  fished from the sea, not farmed.  The meal without the wine was less than 40 euros for three people,  about 12 each.    We can't take our food for granted anymore, or anything for that matter.   Go for the good times, go for the memories, go for being together.  Go fishing.


  1. Thank you, Mary! Great pictures, great food with good friends...all making me very hungry for some good fish! Like to get some nice receipies from you...bon appetit! Love, Rita

  2. Rita, Thanks to you and Pam Pam for joining the blog. Maybe YOU can help ME with a great sauce for a fish. Now that I talked about not knowing how, I sort of want to know how. Any ideas?