Sunday, April 3, 2011

Restaurant Flaveur, Now with a Michelin Star

This week I went back to Flaveur, the restaurant at 25 rue Gubernatis in Nice, that I had reported on in an earlier post.

Mickaël, Gaël et Xavier are quite a team and we were greeted and seated by Xavier again in a charming and well lit space, decorated as you see in my previous post with a unique array of wooden shapes meant to remind us of the sea and the fish therein. (see photos on site)

Entrées du Moment
Risotto au vert / Gambas et pétoncles / Copeaux d’asperges et citron caviar
Foie Gras du Gers grillé / Velouté de maïs / Chutney de mangue grenade ( +10 Euros sur formule 24/32 )
Plats du moment
Pêche du jour / Pommes grenailles et cébettes / Bouillon de coquillages à l’estragon
ou Tartare de boeuf au couteau / Panisses / Gaspacho épais
ou Volaille fermière rôtie sur la peau / Brocolettis et Grenobloise / Jus corsé au thym citron
Desserts du moment
Fromage affiné de Monsieur Perrin / Condiments
ou Crème anone-kiwi / Fruits du soleil / Granité figue de Barbarie
ou Biscuit au chocolat coulant / Glace Yaourt et fève de Tonka / Gelée au cacao
ou Croustillant Rose-Litchi / Mousse Ivoire / Glace chocolat blanc

  To start, since this was to be a fine celebration of some friends leaving to go back to the States, we started with a wine Kir which was exactly to my taste.     And because it was to be the day before I start my spring training ( ie: losing 2 kilos) I opted for the grilled fresh foie gras (or fattened goose liver) in the corn chowder garnished with pomegranate seeds, mango chutney, fresh spinach leaves and nasturtium flowers.    It was original and fascinating and easily a winner for the three of us who partook of it.

  The other two ladies chose the risotto to start,  with slices of shrimp and the mollusk called " petoncles" ( scallops).   This was served with slices of asparagus and lemon caviar.  This was so well prepared that Ginna felt that after all was said and done, she would have traded her chicken dish for another plate of the risotto.

   I am always a little reluctant to pull out my camera and get serious with it so I didn't catch the plates of the others who ordered the chicken with pureed broccoli mounds around it.  Unfortunately the three who did order the grilled chicken found it a bit too dry.

  On the other hand, the fish of the day which was a sea bream was delicately prepared in a light airy sauce and presented with poached scallions done to fine tenderness and a few baby potatoes.  Included with that was a sprinkle of Nicoise olives and tender baby salad leaves drenched in the sauce ( a broth of shellfish with tarragon) until tepid.  It was fabulous.

  We were extremely pleased with the quality of wine to be offered with the meal.  Each person was able to choose from reds, whites and rose wines.  One of the best things about Flaveur is the quality to price ratio, especially for the lunch menu.  With the lunch the wine and a coffee are included in the price.  As well you may opt for one two or three courses.  We all chose the three plates. With the Kir and the extra cost for the foie gras  I was able to eat for 50 euros (not including tip) for a three course  meal in a fine restaurant now boasting a Michelin star.

   Interestingly the dessert menu was that same as last year when I came with Caryn.   This is a photo of my molten chocolate cake.  Sorry about the camera strap.  It must have been my eagerness to tuck in that kept my attention diverted.  It was good but by the time I got to the dessert, my greed meter was telling me that I should have ordered something lighter.

  This is the litchi mousse with the white chocolate ice cream that everyone raved about who chose it.  The syringe is a little gimmick to infuse your concoction with rose water.

David ordered an interesting fruit salad with a touch of cream of kiwi and a granite of barbary figs.  He was quite pleased with his choice.  

We had a wonderful time and were not rushed by the staff (which is a characteristic of all French restaurants in my experience).   In fact our waiter, Xavier ,who is one of the owners fluent in English is the perfect waiter as he is neither pushy nor unobservant when you want him. It helped also that he remembered me warmly from August of last year. 

The only slight complaint I could register outside the chicken dish was a bit too long of a wait between courses.  However, since there was an amuse bouche and a good fresh bread to nibble, it hardly signified.  I am pleased that Flaveur has earned a star and now plays to packed houses.   Call several days in advance to reserve your table.


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  2. Mary, So glad you all are friends with Ginna and David. I love bringing people together. When Ginna came to visit me David was elsewhere so I haven't met him yet. Thanks for the pix
    The latest hums are about to fledge...hug the hubby for me I miss you so much...
    Mary Matvy
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