Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Garden notes

Cycas, one of the oldest plants on earth considered a living fossil   photo by John Puckett

Crocosmia that comes around each spring and is well edited in my garden      photo by John Puckett

I love the light through the leaves of Crocosmia ,      photo by John Puckett

Wild Irises native of the area,         photo by John Puckett

Marguerites,  photo by John Puckett

Japanese Andromeda   Photo by John Puckett

 Crocosmia leaves  …Photo by John Puckett

Osteospermum    Photo by John Puckett

Tulip tree Magnolia, photo by John Puckett

Jonquils, Narcissus just finished blooming, photo by Mary Payne

Mozzi, Jungle cat and Crocosmia   photo by John Puckett


  1. "Lovely. I would enter a comment in your blog, but its more complex and difficult than getting into CIA headquarters. ;-) BB"

  2. This makes me laugh because Bruce is right. It's getting to be a pain. If you email a comment or put it on facebook , I will sometimes copy it under anonymous. Thanks for joining in anyway. It's more fun if one thinks of an "audience" out there.

  3. I can't seem to post so I'll do it here. Lovely blog and beautiful pictures!!!


  4. such beautiful flowers! i am glad you and K. are surrounded by them and the mysterious jungle cat..

    Karen Vicki