Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Where have all the seagulls gone?

I got this note yesterday from my friend Bruce who lives in Nice.  

"This is our 13th Spring in Nice, and it contains a mystery. In previous years,  beginning in April,  hundreds of seagulls whirled, swooped, howled, screeched, and
quarreled as they prepared for the breeding season, establishing nests on the rooftops in the center of town.  For at least 3 months,  until the beginning of July, there was no
relief from their caterwauling as they busily worked to set up maternity wards above our greniers. 
Now, on April 15, I'm puzzled not to (so far) endure their Hallelujah Chorus of rampant sex and homemaking. What's up? Were they suddenly seized with pangs of remorse for the pain they've inflicted on us? BB "

Well, Bruce,  since we have had such an unusual winter and rain right up until the middle of April, I'll bet they are late and will come any minute now, more's the pity for you.

 If anyone else has another idea about it , let us know. 

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