Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Now we wait….

The surgery went well and now I had to return to my room and wait until the wound stopped draining.  But even after they took the drain out on day three, I still had more time to wait until I was dry enough for the resin cast.   I was there 6 days in all.  

In that time, Solange got transferred to another facility where she could wait out her 6 weeks or more to let her pelvis heal…. our ward being for short term trauma patients only.  

My next roommate, Yolande was 91 years old,  very lively and alert and sweet.  She had fallen and injured her patella and they were not going to operate so it was a waiting game also.  She was afraid that they would transfer her to the long term clinic in Menton with Solange.   If they did that she was sure that her old friends would not visit her as it was too far from their apartment. 
Luckily Yolande convinced them to put her upstairs…in the "graveyard."
  She told me that most of the people on the fifth floor are "hors de tete"  with dementia and it was not likely to be much fun,  only better for seeing her visitors.  She says now that she is in a room by herself which is probably better than being with a dementia patient, but not great.  
Last year she had a roommate who faked falling out of bed three times to get the nurses attention and they finally moved her. 

 So aside from jawing with Yolande about her life and what it was like during the war for her and her family,  I had my iPad but no wifi.  Ha.  
It was boring to a degree and the food was DISGUSTING.
Yes, it was a shame but the food was worse, much worse than airplane food.  Yoyo told me that a big truck comes in the middle of the night and deposits these bland , starchy meals.  The best part was the piece of cheese which is " de rigeur" in a French meal.  No wine though, only water. 
My roommate was allergic to milk so she could eat almost nothing.  And there were never any napkins so we had to hoard our toilet paper.  The nurses explained that the price of paper napkins had really gone up! Well, I am glad they were't cutting back on scalpels and bandages!

I hear though, that the place to be is in the Monaco hospital where three restaurants vie for your attention. You are given a menu each day with three main courses to choose from.  Now that sound more like what the French would do, this being a country proud of its culinary traditions.  

But hey, when you are as bored as we were, you will eat just about anything. ….the same principle as on an airplane really….. so time passed and  finally I was given another X-ray and was all set for check out. 

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