Thursday, July 17, 2014


This is Rodica.

   She comes from Moldova right next to the Ukraine. 

To refresh your memory , Moldova is circled in this map. 

Rodica has been my helpmate during this month and a half of convalescence.  I will be so sorry to see her go back to Moldava but she must finish high school.  This next year will be the baccalaureate year where her future plans will be decided. 

 We will encourage her to work in landscape gardening because she loves it and is really gifted with both ideas and "hands on" garden work.  She and I have been putting in a new piece of my yard with flowers and she knows exactly what to do.  She comes from a village where she grew vegetables and flowers and had chickens, goats, and a cow or two it's not surprising.  

Monsieur and I will really miss you Rodica.  Come back and see us.  

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