Thursday, July 17, 2014

Now a Tribez and Castlez addict

To get through this last month and a half , I have had to sort of hypnotize myself into doing very little. 

  I have even gotten addicted to a video game on my tablet.... of which I am quite ashamed .  It is one where you get to arrange your fields and houses and castle, explore new territories and defeat all manner of ghouls.     I think that my loss of control over my "real" life has led me to the dreaded "games".     In my little virtual kingdom, I reign supreme and can make the decisions to plant flowers or go to battle.   And going to battle is somewhat gratifying feeling as helpless as I do. 

Oh hum. ......  a few days ago I got rid of my boot on the surgeon's theory that if I use my ankle more I will build new bone at a faster rate.

   So now I have a velcro splint that holds both sides of my ankle in place but lets most of my foot touch the ground.  Unfortunately , I own only one pair of open sandals that will accommodate such a splint.  Now I just have to build up my stamina for walking and figure out how to carry things like wet laundry, for example.   

 Sunday I will give back my wheel chair and my walker to my friend, Victor, who loaned them and I will have just my forearm crutches to get around on.    And tomorrow is the last self administration of my blood thinner giving myself a shot.  My poor belly is a pincushion so I will be glad to have that behind me. 

I should be good to go by the end of September.  In the meantime, I will have some charming honeymooners visiting me for a week and keep me away from video games.  I think I am an addict though. I've almost cured one thing but gained a side affect.  Arrrgh.

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