Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Surprisingly, if you look up Wisteria online on my computer, what I find is a reference in the French language to the plant called "Glycine" in French.  It is spelled just like we spell the organic compound.  I was hoping to see if there was a connection in the two words but didn't find one.  

So lets make this just a photo posting of last weeks glories when the blossoms of the Wisteria prevailed in my neighborhood. 

The plant above took hold in this wall about ten years ago, from a seed brought over from the opposite wall.  It didn't start blooming until about 4 years ago but now look at it. 

  I have watched it grow each year until it now covers the entire pergola erected by the adjacent neighbor on the right of the photo.  

 Wisteria is a hardy, determined vine.

I love seeing it cascading down over fences and buildings but I don't dare plant it myself.   It is one of the strongest plants I know of.   I have seen the stems bend solid metal fences and lay havoc to weaker walls and plaster.  It can grow 10 feet in a season.  

 It is in fact difficult to hurt this rampantly growing, unrestrained , often invasive plant.  

But the neighbors don't seem to let that bother them and so for two weeks of the year, my street is transformed by its hanging violet plumes. 


  1. What a beautiful creature that Wisteria is Mary :)

  2. Yes, we are blessed. That was so much fun today , I'm on a roll with my blog.