Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It is coming to the end of the blood orange season.  Boo!   If you buy this luscious citrus fruit here in France they are probably called Sanguinello, or perhaps Tarocco or Morro.  The first blood oranges came from Sicily and Spain and many found in French stores still do. 

Of course they are grown in other parts of the world now and in fact we had a couple of blood orange trees in our grove in Redlands, California when I was growing up.

There is nothing so powerful as the juice of blood oranges.  The beauty is not just found in the magnificent color but in the perfect blend of acid and sweet flavors.   Each glass of juice is slightly different in color and in acid balance but all are nectars in the godly sense of the word. 

The color in the orange comes from Anthocyanin found in many berries and other red fruits.  And if the taste doesn't tempt you ....look what else I found out....

"Anthocyanin is reported to have many health benefits as it is 
Moreover blood oranges contain high amounts of Vitamin C (up to 130% of recommended daily amount), potassium, Vitamin A, iron, calcium, and even fiber. 
Oranges and their juice can also help prevent the build-up of bad cholesterol as well as lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and cataracts."

So if you rush out this week , you may still get 
your "fix" before they are gone for another year. 

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