Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Old House

I just got finished plastering the ceiling, and painting my bathroom.   It doesn't look a whole lot better,  just cleaner and neater.   It is still a funky bathroom with strange, red marble tiles. 

If you have a house, you can do-it-yourself  (DIY or" bricolage" in French) or constantly have workmen in your house.  And still, unless you are a perfectionist or have deep pockets , there will just be a lot of quirky things about an old house that you give up on. 

 The fact is that old houses are like old bodies.... most likely they require more maintenance than you are willing or able to give them. 

My sister tells me what the secret is:
 In order to make yourself happy with all the little flaws of your old house, just buy some flowers and forget the rest.  

Good idea, Martha. 

  Go buy some flowers.... or if you are lucky and have a garden, bring some in and put them around the house.  


  1. Great advice from Martha. I say put them in any house and forget the rest!

  2. And art too, Flowers and art ! Yeah.