Monday, July 25, 2016

Evening walk Nice, July 22 , 2016

Winged Victory, Nice France
I am sobered by just having read what others experienced of the tragic Bastille evening and have come to see the wall of flowers now moved to a single location.

 Our Carousel Photo by Mary M Payne

  Beginning of tribute wall.  Nice, FRance, July 22, 2016  photo by MaryM Payne

Photo by Mary M Payne

Photo by MaryM Payne

 This note reads: "Yesterday with the attacks which are taking place more and more frequently it seems it is difficult to show love, difficult to believe that that is sufficient.   But it is precisely why it is important.  To show love, is the most powerful response that we can give towards hate and division.  I send to all my affection.  My thoughts go to all of those who were affected by the attacks of Nice and elsewhere." 
Nic, Australia

Nice, France July 22, 2016 Photo by Mary M Payne

Photo by Mary M Payne

Photo by Mary M Payne

This note reads:  "They believe they can win by killing women, children and men but all through the history of humanity, "evil" has never overcome "good".  This has never been the case and it never will be."
 Sharon Atherton, Australia

Soldiers patrol Nice and "our Bubble guy" photo by MaryMPayne

"bubble man"  photo by Mary M Payne

 Photo by MaryMPayne

Neptune Fountain Nice, France photo by MaryM Payne

It is a beautiful night with "made-for-movie" clouds and lighting, a welcome breeze as I wander farther into the center of town.    I am touched by seeing my city in full life again after the horrors of last week.  

 Le "coulée Verte" , Nice France photo by MaryMPayne

People are out strolling , all colors and races of people, all persuasions.... families on holiday.... residents enjoying a summer evening. 

 Kids pose in the water fountain of the Coulée Verte, our new park across the Paillon River.  A mother strolls across the water with her baby and her French bulldog. 

Photo by MaryM Payne

Photo by Mary M Payne

The ochre and rose buildings of Place Massena give off a chalky glow .
The events of a week ago are not keeping this city from thriving.  

Place Massena ,Nice,France    photo by MaryM Payne

 Life is still splendid here and we are healing. 

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