Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wesley walks on the wild side

Wesley in his basket,  photo by June

Hi This is my friend Wesley.  He is June's big boy... Persian and some Mainecoon, we think. He has the biggest eyes I have ever seen in a kitty head and his paws are huge too. 

 Wesley and June just recently transferred to a new residence for summertime... where Wesley can go outside with his halter and "have a go" at being a mountain lion.   And he gets to explore a beautiful terrace.  Here is one of his new walks. 

Wesley   Photo by June

And here is the beautiful terrace:
Terrace in Cap Ferrat,  photo by Mary M Payne

Apartment view overlooking Villefranche-sur-mer    photo by Mary M Payne

Photo by Mary M Payne

Photo by Mary M Payne

 I had a wonderful visit here in Cap Ferrat with June and the big boy.   From here one can see why Cap Ferrat is one of the most sought after addresses in the world.   It's quite enough at this time of year to just to sit forever and gaze out to sea. 

 June and I went for a swim in the sea, ate lunch under the shade of a parasol in a small cove, watched the "beautiful people" sun bathe and shopped in the adjacent boutique.  We are both aware that we are blessed to be living in this beautiful spot.... but is Wesley?   

Actually,  I think he wants to know why he doesn't live in this new apartment year round.  A quality cat (as Wesley knows he is),  understands a quality lodging when he sees it. 

Wesley Big Eyes.  Photo by Mary M Payne

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  1. When I first looked at your blog yesterday I knew exactly where you were even before I read the captions. When I was 10 years old my father was stationed with the Naval 6th fleet which at the time was located in Villefranche-sur-mer. We lived in an apartment that over looked the bay and Cap Ferrat. We were there for 6 months. I remember taking our grass mats to the pebble beaches. We wore jelly shoes so we could wade into the water. I used to love to go to the open air markets with Mom when she went food shopping. One day Mom had an artist come sit on our balcony to paint the view using water colors. I wish I had the painting but my sister has it now so all is good.

    Then de Gaulle ordered all foreign powers out of France. The 6th fleet relocated to Gaeta, Italy. Again we had an apartment that over looked the ocean. The property on one side had a peach orchard. The farmer often handed my sister and I fresh fruit. The property on the other side was an un-used field where my sister and I spent many happy hours playing, chasing huge flying ‘June’ bugs and using our imaginations. The year we lived in Europe we had no TV! Yet, Patty & I had the best time playing together and listening to stories on the record player.

    Are you still receiving our X-Mas cards? I love Wesley! I will send photos or our dog and 2 cats later. They are characters! I love looking through your blog when ever I get the chance. You have a real ‘eye’ for photography and I enjoy the stories and places you visit. Even just the day-to-day living and eating in Nice is wonderful! Hopefully, Fred and I will be able to return to Europe for a visit sometime. In the mean time, you and Kerry enjoy your time there. Life is short, enjoy it!

    Take care! Joanne