Monday, July 25, 2016

Tribute Wall: Nice , July 22, 2016

 I wanted here to publish the tribute from my friend Gail who has the best blog about Nice.  My own observations sound trivial and ignorant of all the facts so I will refer you directly to her post.   I'm afraid that I have deliberately sheltered myself from the worst of the grief here in West Nice.  We have all been trying to move on from this senseless massacre with varying degrees of success. 

These are some glimpses of the commemorative wall in Nice.... so called in one message, the "Promenade of Life" that had been erected in Nice so that the Promenade could be cleared.   Friends and strangers of the deceased who were killed the evening of the commemoration of the Bastille, July 14,  2016, gathered together one night to move the tributes from hand to hand until they came to rest across from the Winged Victory.    

Promenade des Anglais, Nice France, July 22, 2016  photo by MaryMPayne

The tribute Wall,  July 22, 2016 Nice France  photo by MaryMPayne

  Tribute Wall, Nice July 22 , 2016  Photo by Mary m Payne

This poster reads: "We vigorously condemn the appalling terrorist crime of the night of 14 July in Nice and the massacre of the innocents,"  Maryam Radjavi has addressed her condolences to the President of the Republic and the people of France. She equally expressed her solidarity with the families of the victims of this revolting crime and wishes prompt rehabilitation of the injured and the displaced survivors. 

Maryam Radjavi has underlined that the Iranian people that live under the yolk of religious fascism and terrorism of Isis in Iran are well placed to understand the suffering of the French people and stand beside of them in these difficult moments. 

The elected President of the Iranian Resistance further reveals that this terrorism and massacre of innocents under the cloak of Islam has nothing to do with Islam."...etc etc...

Photo by Mary m Payne

Photo by Mary M Payne

  Nice France, July 22, 2016   Photo by Mary M Payne

 This message reads: " I think with emotion of my former student, Medhi and her sister, Cherine who will try to live despite not having their brother....Two adorable little twins, kind, affectionate and smiling.  We render homage to all the other little angels, cut down in the flowering of life, of their  parents and families devastated by  pain for the remainder of their days.   We render homage to all of the victims of "the Promenade of Life" .We will never forget you.    The mistress ( teacher) "name covered" and ( name covered) Cymric"

Photo by Mary M Payne

Nice,  France, July 22, 2016 Photo by Mary M Payne

Nice, France July 22, 2016 photo by MaryMPayne

 Nice, France July 22, 2016 Photo by MaryM Payne

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