Friday, October 22, 2010

The new cookie dough

OMG,  I just had a new " pot de creme" experience.  Maybe it is the new raw cookie dough experience, if you read me.... but more frenchified.

I am all alone in the house and I sort of had dinner a while ago.

 So I'm standing in the kitchen looking around and then I  grab the creme fraiche, the wild mountain honey from Saorge and what is around for bread.... which turns out is only squares of pumpernickel.

  I don't' really make a sandwich, I just pretend that I have a pot de creme from the best french restaurant and dip my silver spoon in first the creme fraiche, then the honey,  then I  take a little nibble of rye.  Actually a shot of rye with that would be even more....Amazing.

  And I keep on doing it until some part of me says...Whoa girl.

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