Friday, October 22, 2010

The Strikes...continue

  I am getting requests for firsthand info about the strikes going on all over France.   Yes, they are happening here too.
I won't be able to take the train tomorrow because of interrupted service.... but there seems to be gas for the fire dept.  the police and the buses.    The gas stations are drying up all around for those with cars.

 I saw this all before with the Chirac administration.  The french really do go beyond talk when it comes to expressing their discontent.  I am not sure how it will play out this time.

 I could try to explain it from my viewpoint but a better explanation to clear up the misconception about the reason for the strikes was written by Diana Johnson a few days ago and is called French Fury in the EU Cage.  It can be found on

   Have a look.  Thanks Karen for the head's up.  There are also two enlightening articles in the new Vanity Fair about the Sarkosy/ Bettencourt coziness.  They are worth a read as well if you want to know what it is all about.

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