Monday, December 27, 2010

Emily Patrick : exquisite little scenes

What you may not know is that I don't have to surf the net because I have contributors. ... smart, savvy spies with insatiable curiosity, humor, and discernment in subjects whose interest I share. These everyday journalists send me tidbits they have found in cyberspace and I can pass them on to you.

 One of these is my friend Bruce B. from NYC who lives here now.   Bruce along with his savvy and talented wife, Roxanne,  used to be the owners of Cafe Loup,  a popular restaurant in the west village.

  Cafe Loup  still has a "bonne table"even after our friends left it in the hands of new owners.  It is still a treat to eat there and bask in a unique atmosphere.

Bruce and Roxanne have always collected art and have "a very good eye".  If you were to go into Cafe Loup now, as I do each time I am in NYC, you will see pieces of their former collection still in place.

It is Bruce who have sent me this link to the site of Emily Patrick.  I have had it for over a week now and I cannot get enough of looking at her paintings.

  These "tableaux" are technically brilliant in composition and color work and in the use of tempera and oil to offer the ultimate in luminosity,  but beyond that they have inexpressible charm , intimacy and truth.

 The work skates on the edge of the sentimental but never really dips too deeply into that pot as the scenes are more about the roots than the blossoms....if you read me.  Still they are images that are universally peaceful and calming to the eye.

 As much as I love abstract expressionism,  if I could paint like this, I would.


  1. Post Script: I just happened to be reading a Financial Times article about women artists and the author, Jackie Wullschlager says that Emily Patrick was her favorite show this year. She reports that "Patrick does not have a dealer but organizes small shows every three years and lives reclusively in south London, protecting her vision of art's everyday transcendence."

  2. I do love these paintings. I agree the subjects are idyllic but there is an edginess that kicks it up a notch. Very nice.. as is the cafe. Thank you.


  3. Lovely, Thanks for sharing her work. Joanne