Friday, December 24, 2010

We are the World....

I went out again today and do not see a lot of merriment for Christmas.  There are a lot of horns honking out of impatience, not the expected number of shoppers in the stores.  There is more like a grim determination to get through the holidays and wait for the sales on Jan 9th.

The woman next to me on the bus was quoting to me exactly how much the French are paying out to immigrants as she saw a young black mother board the bus with her handicapped child in a wheel chair.  Many of the  French are angry and disillusioned as are so many across the globe.... and in England, and America....  People who are losing all they have worked for.

  I will be surprised if the National Front  does not gain many votes in France in the next election.   I live in a working class city.  I sense and hear the disillusionment first hand from friends and people on the street.

My friend Bruce has just sent me this video.  It has all of my favorite voices as it was done "in the day": Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Bobby Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson,  Harry Belafonte, Bette Midler and more.   His question is whether this anthem of hope will hold?

Will we be able to come together and help each other now,   25 years on since this video was made?  Are we going to be able to face into these winds of despair and frustration?

   This video was a tonic for me so I share it with you.    Notice the energy the singers are getting from each other.  Hear how joyfully they sing as a group.  Watch how proud they are of their brief contribution to the whole.

 We are the World, We Are the People.  I am afraid it is down to us.  It always was.

Let me paraphrase Rumi in one of his poems:

"Go up on the roof at night in the city of your soul
and sing your note.  Sing it loud!"

Bless your Christmas.  Bless you every one.

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  1. A Beautiful message straight from the heart!
    Thank you Mary!