Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Walkabout, Place Massena to the old Town

Local police brigade, Place Massena.  a couple of Monday's ago.

Fountain, Place Massena

Opera House

Chocolate Creche

Monday Flea Market

Treasures or ...

Old useless "toot"? 

Bottom of Cours Saleya

Local folk dance demonstration


  1. Hi Mary!
    As much as I enjoy your writing!..the words just seem to flow and dance light as feathers :)
    I also appreciate you taking Photographs..simply because you are good at it!..this series is wonderful..the Flea market pictures are rich in "stuff" ;)
    But also the colors..which you can absorb!..the Cours Saleya is a very nice picture!
    And the local police brigade and "Segway" is a great catch!..perfect timing!
    So nice to see that Europe is not completely taken hostage by King Winter :)

    A big thank you for being my very FIRST follower! :))
    Your comments are treasured by me !!

    Mary, I would like to wish you and all your loved ones a beautiful, rich and healthy New year!
    I am looking forward to your future stories, paintings, reviews..and what not..:))

    Love and Peace


  2. Merci , Eyeliquor, de tout coeur.

    Thank you to all of you who have participated this my first blogger year. It means so much for me to get a comment so thank you for those too. It warms the cockles....

    May we all spring forth with our creativity and connection this next year, in it's many and varied forms. Blessings, mary