Monday, December 6, 2010

Monet at the Grand Palais Exhibition 2010

I am sending you this quite original interactive site of the Monet Exhibition.  For those of you who are tired of seeing impressionism, with inaccurate colors splashed all over t-shirts and mugs this will be a treat.  Because the directions are in French, I will give you a hint about some of the choices in English. If you can read french, don't spoil it by reading forward.

  Wait for the video to charge up and then activate your camera and speakers on your computer.

 The first thing you do is tip over the ink jar with your mouse to start the video.
"Suivant" sign means " following" so you always click on that circle on the right if you see it.

The first interaction will be a picture of a snow scene with a Magpie.  Click on the magpie to get the next painting.  Next interaction there will be a winter into spring "tableau" where you will click on the circles .   With the windmill if you blow on your microphone or mouse click the blades, they will start to turn.

 I remember that there is the painting of the boat,  you can take your mouse and and make the water ripple. Then comes the bridge at Giverny that you can make rock with your mouse.

 In the waterlilies you need to sweep your mouse to the right to have the picture cascade to the right clicking on the circle with the arrow.

There will be a painting with fog in which case you need to wave your hands in front of your web-cam.
 Unfortunately, I couldn't make the video work past the bell chimes on the cathedral.    But you can then go into the gallery and look at each painting separately.

My favorite is the picture of the haystack with the little straws of hay in the air.   Let me know how you get on.  I know some of you will say, too much bother.  But for those with the time and patience , it will make you smile.

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