Monday, February 27, 2012

Cap Taillat, Ramantuelle

Starting out for a picnic and little hike near San Tropez

                                 Those are my friends rounding the corner around 9h30.  The sun is still hiding.

Driftwood in every cove after the last big storm.

Lots of material for budding architects and artists.   I've hiked this trail 5 times but have never seen so much driftwood.  

Found Art:  Study in Blue

The sun breaks after an hour or so...

These tree trunks are like matchsticks laid willy nilly.

After rounding the point and hiking to the end of the trail, we come back down and choose this picnic spot.
We each packed a picnic.   I love that we all have our little Laguiol knives to cut our fruit or carve off a piece of cheese.  

The waves lull us into a nap after lunch.  The green moss is really this color.

Looking back to the point.

We are loath to leave at 4 so we sit for another half hour  near the end of the trail and watch the kids and dogs..... with plenty of sticks.

This trail is the perfect amateur "sentier", thought of as "easy".
Still, I know I will be sore tomorrow as there is plenty of climbing and I have been "winter" idle and lazy.

 But a day with few houses in sight, no city noise,  no cell phones.... just the trail and a chunk of sublime coastline is just what's needed.  I should try to do this more often.

  One third of the FRench are self confessed hikers, as are these friends of mine who hike at least twice a week.  There are 120,000 miles of well used trails across France and from my experience, well maintained and in lovely spots.

 " Enfin"... we  finish our day and amble the last couple of meters to the car.  No Academy Awards ceremony for me tonight.  I will be in bed early.

 On the way home my friends speak of recipes:  how and why to freeze fois gras:  best way to make a gesiers salad,  where to buy organic chicken livers;   how long to hang a rabbit for cooking etc etc.

After all they are French , and this is France,  land of "randonneurs et cuisiniers".

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