Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ice Rink for Birds

This is a bird bath in the yard which is used a lot by the merles ( blackbirds) rouges gorges ( robins) tourterelles ( collared doves) , starlings,  coal tits et al.

Now it's an ice rink. (No, that is not a layer of plastic wrap.)  You would have to have some tiny skates and some tinier ankles to avail yourself.   My husband took this picture this morning before I deigned to get up.

 It was even snowing a few flakes last night but not enough to stick.   Next week will be sunny but crisp around 6-8 ( 42-47 F) degrees like the weather in Seattle.   I know my buddy Jeanne in Marbella is grinning at her 17 (63 F) degrees but hey, this is fine as long as it doesn't go on for too long.

  G√Ęter, spoiled.  They say we are so spoiled for good weather in Nice that none of us goes out on a rainy day.  If we don't have to we just wait until it's sunny.  Well wouldn't you?  

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  1. I'm singin' in the rain because my plants, flowering and
    otherwise, needed it.